James FAQ

Is James married ? (Any kids?)
James married his long time girlfriend, Francesca on August 17, 1997. They have one daughter -  Cali Tee. She was born on June 13, 1998.

What equipment he uses most ?
James uses mostly ESP Explorer guitar's with EMG pick-ups, Ernie Ball strings, Mesa Boogie amp's mostly, although he uses many different guitar/amp combo's for different sounds in the studio.

What does James use burn the road ?
James has a Dodge Ram pick-up, 1955 Chevy BelAir hot rod, Chevy Blazer, custom-built Harley Davidson Motorcycle (chopper). James also built a car himself...

Have the he ever recorded for anyone besides Metallica?
James has recorded backing vocals for "Twist of Cain" and "Am I Demon?" on Danzig's first album, he also contributes vocals on "Man Or Ash" from Corrosion of Conformity's "Wiseblood" album, and on Jim Martin's recent solo album.

What does James play?
James handles all the rhythm guitar and most melody and harmony guitars, therefore James is responsible for the great majority of the guitar work in recorded Metallica songs. Not to mention the acoustics and the occasional guitar solo. He leaves the full blown lead guitar solos for Kirk, although with the latest Metallica album's the guitar duties for both of them expanded quite a bit - they sometimes switched duties - Both have played rhythm, and both have played leads.

What are his favorite foods?
Meat-n-Potatoes, Bar-B-Que, Oysters

Has James been in any other bands?
Obsession, Phantom Lord and Leather Charm were the band James was in before he became (an integral) part of  Metallica. He was also the drummer in Spastic Children (that one was a kind of 'joke band').

What was the first song James learned on guitar?
Flight Of The Bumble Bee.

How does James spends his free time ?
James is a very active and sportsman, also likes to tool around in his garage working on his Chevy Bel Air (self-made !) or Harley. He can also be found watching his favorite sports teams and NASCAR.

What band/people James counts as his main influences?
Motorhead, Ted Nugent, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath.

What current James like listening to?
Rocket From The Crypt, Gov't Mule, Corrosion Of Conformity.

Where or how did James got his skull ring and wolf pendant ?
James once wore that ring that belonged to Cliff. The pendant is from a store called The Great Frog in London (the same place that Cliff got the skull ring.)

Why did James switch from the Flying V to the Explorer?
In the early Metallica days, the Explorer was only James' back up guitar. The Flying V's' neck-brake, was the push to discover that the Explorer was a perfect one for him. James now also plays a ESP Flying V (on tours).          This guitar also is his first "signature" series guitar available from ESP...

What sports teams does James follow?
James is lifelong, diehard Raiders fan; San Jose Sharks and D.C. United. James can be seen also on the opening of the NHL's Cool Shots TV program, and he even was a part of an NHL commercial.

What jobs has he had before Metallica?
James has worked in a sticker factory, as a high school janitor, and as a mover before his new, final work (as a guitar/vocalist on Metallica, of course).

Why did James get burned at the Montreal show (8-8-92) ?
The band was informed of a pyro change (Pyro would be ignited along the "wings" of the stage during "Fade To Black"). The Pyro-tech however, failed to inform the band that new pyro would be going ALONG with the old one.  James stood atop of where the old pyro occurred, sssuming that the new pyro canceled out the old one. So, a 12 foot flame (!) was ignited, severely burning his left hand and that side of his body.

Does James still an active skateboarder ?
No, (rumors abound that the reson is that on the past tour contracts there was a "NO SKATEBOARDING" clause) just in case. He has recently switched to Snowboarding, apparently because it has a slightly softer landing...

What happened to James' hair between the Roam tour and the summer 1994 tour?
He was involved in accident while hunting. that one required 40 stitches in his head, so he is simply got it cut. James also got a haircut before the release of the Load Album (this time he even cut it shorter...).

How does James switch guitar sounds during a show (or - who's the man behind James' guitars) ?
James' longtime guitar tech (also a roadie) Andy Battye, handles James' guitar effects during concerts. Andy also cares for and maintains James' guitars and equipment (this is a quite hard job consider the amount of concerts and the number of James' guitars...).

What are James' favorite hunting-guns?
Remington 30-06, Weatherby 7mm and a Browning 300 Magnum.

What does James smoke (yes, he is a smoker) ?
Seems like he prefers Fuente Hemingway Short Stories.

What bones has James broken?
knuckles (two of them), left wrist, both bones of left forearm (compound fractures). James have a total record of a 156 stitches (!). 

James really stopped drinking ??
You probably won't believe this - YES, he no longer drinks alcoholic beverage !!. Apparently he now drinks Non-Alcoholic beer and mineral water instead.

What now defunct bands James sayed he would like to see reunite?
Thin Lizzy (The one with the live And Dangerous line-up), Tank (with the first line-up) and Motorhead (with Eddie).

What album changed James' life ?
To Hell With The Devil by Stryper. James explains: "It sparked a hatred that will forever scar me. I can't bare to see striped spandex jumpsuits to this day."


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